A breakthrough in the internationalization of the pharmaceutical packaging bottle industry


In recent years, China's pharmaceutical industry has ma […]

In recent years, China's pharmaceutical industry has maintained a rapid growth of more than 20% annually. With the continuous expansion of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, the demand for pharmaceutical packaging plastic bottles is also rising. In addition, the export volume of China's pharmaceutical industry has also increased year by year in recent years, which has also involved domestic pharmaceutical bottle production enterprises in this international competition.

In the process of globalization of the pharmaceutical packaging bottle industry, it is bound to compete with traditional international pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, improving product quality and obtaining international access qualifications are prerequisites. Secondly, familiar with the export policies of various countries, understand the requirements of countries for pharmaceutical bottle packaging, and avoid unnecessary troubles.

The last and most important point is to improve the innovation ability of its own packaging products, produce products that are more in line with market demand, and strive to become the first choice for pharmaceutical companies. However, in general, in order to better adapt to the international competitive pressure, enhance the ability to innovate, and develop more humanized products, it has become the strongest breakthrough in the Medical Grade Bottle industry.