Advantage evaluation of oral liquid plastic bottles


China's approval of pharmaceutical packaging materials […]

China's approval of pharmaceutical packaging materials is very strict. Now the oral liquid plastic bottles have been tested by the state, and all the technical parameters and performance of the products are in line with the standards of the national oral liquid medicinal polypropylene bottle industry, which has good High temperature resistance, can meet the requirements of steam sterilization for oral liquid medicine for 15 minutes at 121 °C.
The oral liquid plastic bottle adopts the advanced injection blowing process in the production, which can change the orientation surface of the micro-crystal structure, improve the strength, hardness, transparency and gloss of the plastic bottle, and its production and domestic filling production line equipment It has very good compatibility and can be directly filled, which effectively improves production efficiency. In addition, it has good safety performance, zero breaking rate, which reduces production costs, the market price is relatively cheap, and has a high cost performance.
In the production process, the quality is very guaranteed. In the production of each link, the quality inspectors will carefully record the quality of each batch of goods while strictly controlling the quality of the products. Immediately put forward and correct the treatment in time, truly ensure that the quality of each batch of goods is up to standard products, therefore, successfully passed the ISO international quality system certification.
The advantages of oral liquid plastic bottles determine its bright future in the market. With the continuous research and development of China's plastics industry technology, it will gradually solve the shortcomings in plastic production, so that plastic bottle packaging can better adapt to the market. demand.

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