Advantages and disadvantages of plastic medicine bottles


The advantages and disadvantages of plastic bottles are […]

The advantages and disadvantages of plastic bottles are fully analyzed. We can see plastic bottles everywhere in life. How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of plastic bottles in the face of a wide range of plastic bottles, please elaborate on this issue for you.
1. The one-step blown plastic bottle has less mechanical scars, good airtightness between the bottle mouth and the bottle cap, small leaking water seepage ratio, high transparency and beautiful appearance. The biggest technical problem is that it is not easy to control the uniformity of the bottle wall, the thickness is large, and it is easy to produce a convex deformation.
2. The plastic bottle blown in the two-step method has more mechanical wound marks and a slightly lower transparency than the one-step method. The plastic bottle is blown in a two-step process, and the preform is first pre-formed and shaped by injection molding, and then sent to the next process for secondary heating and blowing. During the conveying process of the hopper and storage in the hopper, mechanical wounds are inevitable, and the preforms are rubbed together to cause damage to the preform and the blank. Therefore, the airtightness of the bottle cap and the bottle mouth is poor, and the air leakage rate is one step. Blowing is high. The advantage is that the bottles blown out by the technique are tested by an ultrasonic thickness gauge. The bottles have uniform wall thickness and small thickness error, and it is not easy to produce a convex deformation after filling the beer beverage.

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