Air tightness testing and testing methods for medical plastic bottles


The air-tightness of medical plastic bottles is importa […]

The air-tightness of medical plastic bottles is important for preventing moisture and deterioration of medicines during the validity period. It is also an important medium to prevent the influence of light, heat, oxygen, etc. on medicines. Therefore, as a pharmaceutical plastic bottle manufacturer, we attach great importance to its air tightness testing.

What is the air tightness of medical plastic bottles? Simply speaking, it is tested according to relevant national standards. For example, the reliability of the sealing of plastic capsule bottles is tested by taking a certain number of plastic capsule bottles, filling each bottle with an appropriate amount of glass balls, and tightening the cap. Then put it into a container with an air extraction device, immerse it in water, and vacuum to a vacuum of 27kpa and maintain it for 2 minutes. There should be no water or bubbles in the bottle. Of course, to ensure the air-tightness of the plastic bottle capsule through the index, some other economic indicators, such as resistance, moisture resistance and oxygen resistance, and control are needed to ensure the quality of the shelf life product.


There are also machines on the market that introduce a sealing tester. Using the principle room vacuum of a vacuum cleaner, the pressure difference between the internal and external pressures of the medicinal plastic bottle submerged in water is produced, and the gas escape inside the sample is observed to determine the sealing performance : Or through the vacuum chamber, make the sample production internal and external pressure difference, observe the inflation of the sample and the recovery of the sample shape after releasing the vacuum, in order to determine the sealing performance.