China will become the largest pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging market


With the continuous development and innovation of medic […]

With the continuous development and innovation of medical science and technology, in recent years, plastic bottle packaging has made significant progress in the pharmaceutical packaging market.

Industry experts predict that in the next five years, the global pharmaceutical packaging market will become the second largest economic growth point in the plastic bottle packaging industry, and the Chinese pharmaceutical packaging plastic bottle market will become the fastest growing. By 2050, China will become the world's largest market for pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging.

As the plastic bottle packaging products have their own unique advantages, the form of medical packaging is constantly changing. The original paper bag packaging, plastic bag packaging, glass bottles have been developed into the current polyethylene plastic bottles, polypropylene bottles, polyester bottles. Plastic packaging, such as aluminum and plastic packaging, and steam cover packaging and strip composite film packaging will also become the mainstream of solid pharmaceutical packaging.

At the same time, environmental protection, health, safety, and other issues have also received much attention from all walks of life. In order to be able to adapt to changes in consumers' environmental awareness, Ningbo Sender Medical Technology CO.,LTD has started to develop “green” packaging, mainly including: recyclable green packaging, environmental conditioning packaging, high barrier packaging, Medical Sprayer, antibacterial packaging, etc.