Demand for plastic packaging by pharmaceutical companies


Plastic bottles are used for the packaging of medicines […]

Plastic bottles are used for the packaging of medicines, but in just over twenty years. Prior to this, the packaging materials used in pharmaceutical packaging were hand-worked small businesses that were produced using simple mechanical equipment.

Since the 1980s, pharmaceutical packaging plastic bottles have gradually entered the field of pharmaceutical packaging. With the gradual deepening of the reform and opening up situation, the rapid development of the pharmaceutical economy has driven the rise of the pharmaceutical Medical Grade Bottle packaging industry. A variety of new medical packaging materials continue to emerge, showing great vitality, especially soft packaging materials.

Development is a continuous process. In this process, it is difficult to draw a clear line between the new and the old. This is especially true for products that are already very new in medical packaging plastic bottles. Therefore, the so-called "new type" in this article is only a relative concept.