Development of injection molding technology for materials


In recent years, with the increasing use of plastic pro […]

In recent years, with the increasing use of plastic products, in order to continuously meet the requirements of the development of injection molding products into a highly integrated, highly sophisticated, high-yield, and achieve the aggregation state, phase morphology, organization, etc. of the product materials. In terms of the control, the injection molding technology has been greatly developed in order to realize the compounding of the heterogeneous materials for the products, to maximize the properties of the polymers, and to achieve the high performance of the products.

From the injection molding process, gas-assisted injection molding, structural foam molding, reaction injection molding, co-injection molding, push-pull molding, injection-compression molding, low-pressure injection molding, alternating injection molding, melt injection molding, dynamic pressure retention Injection molding and other key technologies such as in-mold reaction, foaming, vibration and gas assist have been introduced, which greatly enriched the content of the traditional injection molding process, and made the flow characteristics of the plastic, the mechanical properties and the appearance quality of the product all controlled in a cost-effective manner.

From the perspective of injection molding equipment, in addition to the improvement or improvement of traditional injection molding equipment to adapt to the new injection molding process, the injection molding auxiliary machinery automation, energy-saving injection molding machine technology and mold technology, and the development of special injection molding machines have also been greatly improved. For example, the all-electric injection molding machine is a very powerful injection molding machine, which is gradually being promoted at this stage.

In addition, computer technology supporting injection molding has also made great progress. For example, computer-aided engineering techniques are used for flow state analysis, temperature field analysis, product residual stress analysis, product warpage and shrinkage deformation analysis.

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