Development trend of pharmaceutical packaging plastic bottles


The pharmaceutical industry is known as the “everlastin […]

The pharmaceutical industry is known as the “everlasting sunrise industry”, mainly because the demand for pharmaceutical products will increase as the society develops and the living standards improve. China's pharmaceutical industry started late, but with the active participation of the state and the active participation of various research and production departments, it has achieved rapid growth and formed a relatively complete industrial system. Now China has become one of the world's top ten pharmaceutical producers and raw material exporters.

At present, there are about 1,500 pharmaceutical packaging plastic bottle enterprises in China, which can meet the needs of more than 80% of domestic pharmaceutical companies. However, the overall level of pharmaceutical packaging in China still lags behind that of developed countries. The quality of pharmaceutical packaging materials and the contribution rate of packaging to the pharmaceutical economy are significantly lower than the international level. The ratio of packaging and pharmaceutical value in developed countries is about 15 to 25%, and some are as high as 30%, while China only accounts for 8 to 9%.

In the past 10 years, China has introduced advanced packaging materials and packaging containers from the United States, Germany, Japan, France, Italy, Canada and other countries. At the same time, we have newly built, renovated and expanded a number of pharmaceutical packaging enterprises with certain advanced levels. The technical equipment level of China's pharmaceutical packaging enterprises. The state has also increased the development of the Medical Grade Bottle packaging materials industry.