Does nasal spray work?


The weather is getting hot, and I am sweating profusely […]

The weather is getting hot, and I am sweating profusely while wearing a mask; I have acne on my face, and I don’t dare to put on makeup; I have trouble breathing, and there are streaks on my skin; My lips are dry and chapped, my face is allergy and red; My glasses are foggy and I can’t see clearly, and my ears are dull ; A number of students died suddenly while running wearing masks; the fresh life of teens disappeared quietly, how can we remain indifferent? There are too many troubles in wearing masks, but the epidemic has not yet become clear. Masks should continue to be worn in crowded places. The National Health and Health Commission issued the "Guidelines for Scientifically Wearing Masks for the Public", which clarifies that the general public is at home, outdoors, and without people gathering. , Well-ventilated places, do not wear masks, just do a good job of disinfection.


The nasal cavity continuously inhales and exhales 15,000 liters of air 24 hours a day. With the increase of automobile exhaust, dust and smog, the air quality continues to decline and the current epidemic situation is raging, which is most likely to cause a large number of bacteria to adhere to the nasal cavity, which cannot be removed. And long-term accumulation in the nasal cavity, causing bacteria to multiply here.

As a respiratory virus, the new crown mainly spreads from the respiratory tract, so the nasal cavity is our first line of defense. The structure of the human respiratory tract has a natural protective effect. The sticky hair and mucus in the respiratory tract, including sneezing and other behaviors, are important anti-virus mechanisms of the human body. However, if the virus adheres to our respiratory tract for a long time, it will pass through the mucosal cells. Invade the body and infect people with viruses. The nasal cavity is the filter of the human body's air conditioner. It is like brushing your teeth and washing your face every day. Take care of your nasal cavity.

Carrageenan is an extract of natural red algae, and each Guameta Carrageenan Nasal Sprayer uses natural carrageenan antiviral mechanism. The natural sulfated polysaccharide structure of carrageenan can physically encapsulate and block viruses (including coronaviruses) with sugar molecules on the surface indiscriminately, playing an effective physical blocking role; At the same time, it also has a direct killing effect on the envelope of the virus, which can effectively reduce the reproduction of the virus.