Features of external gynecological irrigator


For medical Gynecological Sprayer, the current clinical […]

For medical Gynecological Sprayer, the current clinical irrigation methods are mostly manual operation, commonly known as "lavage". The lavage pressure is too low, the rinsing is not thorough, the rinsing fluid cannot be heated, the temperature is kept warm, the liquid is wasted, the operation is not easy to control, the disinfection standard does not meet the clinical requirements, and it does not meet the requirements of outpatient work efficiency and hygiene standards. Now according to the status quo of many domestic medical institutions, we have developed and produced a new type of irrigation equipment, medical gynecological irrigator, which is a product specially designed for obstetrics and gynecology, anorectal departments and other departments. It safely and conveniently solves the inconvenience and discomfort of patients in the traditional manual washing process faced by obstetrics and gynecology and anorectal departments. Greatly improve the work efficiency of medical workers and solve the suffering of patients.


High degree of automation, replacing a large number of manual operation processes, greatly improving the use efficiency, saving time and effort
Temperature control: heating and heat preservation are automatic, the patient feels warm and comfortable, and the over-temperature protection is greater than 41 to prevent the patient and the user from scalding, which is safe and reliable
When flushing, by controlling the flow rate, the most ideal cleaning and treatment effect can be achieved, and waste can be avoided
Heating without rinsing, rinsing without heating, safe and reliable
Flushing adopts foot switch for easy operation
Do not directly contact the patient during use to prevent cross-infection, and install a nozzle to achieve disinfection
The flushing process is simple and fast, and the heating time is short. It is especially suitable for outpatient medical units.
Beautiful appearance, easy to move, suitable for use in multiple departments and wards
With liquid level alarm device, it is convenient to add cleaning liquid in time
By adding different kinds of cleaning fluids, the purpose of cleaning and treatment is achieved, especially for gynecological fungal, trichomonas, non-specific vaginitis and cervicitis. Experts say that “ten times lavage is not as good as one rinse”.