Five habits to help you prevent rhinitis


Rhinitis is a disease very similar to a cold. The diffe […]

Rhinitis is a disease very similar to a cold. The difference between the two is that the harm and duration of rhinitis is longer. At the beginning, many people mistakenly treated rhinitis as a cold, but the result was no effect. Jiuyuan physiological seawater reminds you that there are many types of rhinitis. Although rhinitis is not serious, it is very annoying. The breathing is not smooth, headache, hypoxia, and the ability to smell is greatly reduced. Longer illness will cause memory loss and inactive thinking. Rhinitis focuses on prevention. Regular use of physiological seawater nasal sprays can effectively reduce the incidence of rhinitis.

The hazards of rhinitis have other hazards besides what we mentioned above. Rhinitis can cause breathing problems, insufficient oxygen supply, and insufficient oxygen concentration in the blood, which can lead to the metabolic function of other organs. In severe cases, asthma, emphysema, etc.

In fact, as long as we usually pay attention to rhinitis, there are many ways to prevent it.



1. We want to improve our relationship between life and work. If you already have rhinitis and you are still working in a place with poor environment, then I suggest you change the working environment immediately. Otherwise, your salary for work is not enough for your medical treatment. If you have not changed to rhinitis, it is best to wear a mask when you work. And often use physiological seawater nasal spray to clean and clean the nasal cavity.

Second, a balanced diet and regular exercise. A reasonable diet and a strong body will always be the nemesis of illness. Sooner or later outdoor sports should return to clean the nasal cavity with physiological seawater nasal spray.

3. Change the habit of digging booger. Digging the booger frequently will destroy the mucous membranes in the nasal cavity, unable to absorb dust and bacteria. Maintain nasal hygiene. Once you feel a foreign body in the nasal cavity, you can use physiological seawater nasal spray to clean the nasal cavity.

4. Correct nasal cavity deformity in time. If the deformity of the nasal cavity will be sucked and breathing is not smooth, the prevalence of rhinitis will also increase, so it should be corrected in time.

5. Keep warm. Many rhinitis is actually caused by a cold, it is best to wear a mask when going out in winter. You can also often use cold water or physiological seawater to rinse the nasal cavity, which can greatly enhance the resistance of the nasal cavity to cold.

Finally, remind everyone to pay attention to it, if you suffer from rhinitis, you must insist on taking medicine. Many people are unable to insist on taking medicine, which leads to long-lasting rhinitis and repeated attacks, which may cause the disease to worsen. If there is serious illness, you must seek medical treatment in time!