Four criteria for choosing medical plastic bottles


Now, there are many kinds of medical plastic bottles on […]

Now, there are many kinds of medical plastic bottles on the market. Facing such a wonderful plastic bottle market, how to grasp the key points and purchase high-quality plastic bottles for pharmaceutical companies?




1. Material selection is the key: Which main raw materials and additive formulas should be used for plastic bottles have a great influence on its quality. When choosing the main raw materials, there are many varieties, and it is necessary to investigate their comprehensive performance when choosing raw materials. Generally, high-density polyethylene and polypropylene bottles are used for tablets. If transparency is required, pet bottles can be used. If you need to block drugs, the effect will be better. And block light, opaque, use brown pet bottles, pen bottles with better barrier properties. Medicinal liquid bottles generally use polypropylene bottles or polyester bottles as their main raw materials.

2. Airtightness and permeability: airtightness and water vapor permeability are two important technical indicators of medicinal plastic bottles, which have an important impact on charge stability.

3. Stability and compatibility: use plastic bottles, new (or new materials, new processes), especially plastic bottle drug selection, in order to check the charged stability and compatibility of the test drug package between the plastic bottle and the drug Advance. The interpenetration, dissolution, adsorption, chemical reaction, and denaturation of medicines and plastic bottles can be determined by scientific tests.

4. Product quality assurance system: pharmaceutical plastic bottle manufacturers should have corresponding national and industry standards. At the same time, a comprehensive and correct evaluation of the comprehensive level of the manufacturer's software and hardware facilities, technical equipment and quality.