How are medical plastic bottles blow molded?


1. Blow molding of medicinal plastic bottles requires t […]

1. Blow molding of medicinal plastic bottles requires two molds: a parison mold and a blow mold, and the mold requirements are high, so the cost of injection blow molding molds is higher, about 2 to 3 times that of extrusion blow molding. Injection blow molding is mostly small-volume bottles (usually 10 to 300 mL), and products with messy shapes cannot be molded, and energy consumption is significantly higher.
2. In the packaging of medicines, the degree of sealing of the mouth of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle directly affects the stability of the medicine during the useful life of the medicine, and the injection blow molding method is conducive to the accuracy of the bottle mouth and the thread specification and the appearance specification accuracy. The wall thickness is uniform and it is used to the requirements of medicine packaging, which can prevent the medicine in the bottle from being polluted by external substances.
3. The molding process of high-density polyethylene and polypropylene plastic bottles is mainly extrusion blow molding and injection blow molding. The extrusion blow molding equipment and processing skills are relatively simple. The original material is mainly that the hot blank tube coming out of the die after being plasticized by the extruder is blow molded between the time of the blow mold.
4. Injection blow molding mainly requires injection parison. The production data is uniformly plasticized in the barrel of the injection molding machine. After the injection parison mold, the bottle mouth and thread are directly processed and formed. When the core is directly transferred to the blow molding station, the bottle body is directly blow molded. The plastic bottle mouth and thread made in this way have very high standard accuracy.
5. The shape of the plastic bottle body is very stable, so the degree of cooperation between the bottle cap and the bottle mouth is also very precise. This can greatly improve the sealing function of the plastic bottle. Therefore, the injection blow molding method is used. Plastic bottles have always been very popular in the pharmaceutical industry.




Among many solid plastic bottles for medicines, plastic bottles are a widely used type of packaging container, which is used in many medicines packaging. Although the quotations of injection blow molding equipment and extrusion blow molding equipment are relatively high, the production quality is very good, the degree of automation is also very high, and the output power is also very high. Most of the solid polyolefin plastic bottles produced and used in China use injection blow molding equipment. The domestic injection blow molding support machine has gradually reached and approached the level of related imported equipment. It is the production of polyolefin solid plastic bottles. Very good conditions are provided. The molding skills of polyester solid plastic bottles mainly use injection-stretching blow molding skills. After the raw material of polyester is plasticized in a plastic barrel, it will be produced after injection molding to produce a bottle with a threaded mouth. The preform is then stretched longitudinally through the stretch rod in the blow mold. The strength of the solid plastic bottle made by this method is very high, and the standard size of the bottle mouth and thread is relatively accurate. , The solid plastic bottle has a strong function of stability, bright appearance and good transparency, especially for the packaging of liquid and solid medicines.