How to care for rhinitis?


Due to the frequent occurrence of air pollution and haz […]

Due to the frequent occurrence of air pollution and haze, the air quality of the living and working environment has been declining year by year, and the pressure on the nasal cavity function is high, resulting in a sharp increase in the population of allergic rhinitis. In order to reduce the fine particles in the lungs and stay away from lung diseases, the nasal cavity should be taken care of first, and Nuo Siqing physiological seawater nasal cavity nursing sprayer should be used in time every day to clean the nasal cavity to remove diseased dust and bacteria, restore the normal swing of the nose, and filter in time to promote Blood circulation, enhance nasal immunity, restore nasal health.


Colds can occur all year round, especially in winter and spring. In general, the initial symptoms of a cold are dryness, burning and itching in the nose, followed by sneezing, a lot of nasal discharge, nasal congestion, decreased sense of smell, etc. The use of nasal irrigation to treat colds has a good effect.


The nasal cavity itself is parasitic with several kinds of bacteria and viruses. Under normal circumstances, the nasal cavity mucosa can keep the number of viruses within the range that the human body can withstand through cilia swinging. But when the human body is exposed to cold, rain, excessive fatigue and other inducing factors, the frequency of nasal mucosal cilia swings is reduced, which greatly increases the residence time of viruses, bacteria, and fungi that invade the nasal cavity, which can multiply and cause a cold.




During a cold, the virus uses the nasal cavity as a base for breeding and invading the human body, gradually spreading to various parts of the human body through the blood vessels under the nasal mucosa, so that the cold symptoms gradually spread from the nose to the whole body. At this time, repeated washing of the nasal cavity can remove pathological secretions, destroy the basis of virus reproduction, and help restore the function of the mucociliary removal system, thereby greatly reducing the number of viruses that invade the human body. The human body's immune system has the opportunity to completely eliminate the invading virus in a short time, thereby curing the cold.


Nasal irrigation can relieve symptoms and shorten the duration of symptoms. This method can generally cure a cold within 2 to 3 days.


Nasal irrigation is a long-standing health care method for Indian yoga and Chinese Taoist parents, which can remove nasal mucus and dirt in the nasal cavity. There is also the concept of "nasal washing and bodybuilding" in traditional Chinese medicine theory, and folk prescriptions for rhinitis and rhinitis. The use of nasal washers in the West has never stopped and has always been used as a home health product. With the increase in the number of adopters of nasal washing, the advantages of nasal washing have become increasingly prominent, especially in the prevention and treatment of colds.


And every day, use Nuosiqing physiological seawater nasal cavity care spray in time to clean the nasal cavity to remove pathogenic dust and bacteria, restore the normal swing of nasal hair and filter in time, promote blood circulation, enhance nasal immunity, and restore nasal health.


Through the observation of hundreds of clinical cases, it is found that you don’t need injections and medicine when you catch a cold, only do nasal irrigation plus nasal humidification. Generally, it takes only 1 to 2 days for mild symptoms and 3 to 4 days for severe symptoms.