How to prevent dry rhinitis in midsummer


Many people often have a dry nose in the summer, and so […]

Many people often have a dry nose in the summer, and some may feel a tingling, burning or foreign body sensation in the nose. They often dig their noses involuntarily, resulting in a small amount of nosebleeds.


Dry rhinitis is a special type of chronic rhinitis. Its onset factors include environment, dietary habits, physical fitness, and diseases. Therefore, the prevention of dry rhinitis in summer should start from these aspects of physiological seawater.


Air conditioning is the main cause of rhinitis


The summer weather is hot, and most people live in an air-conditioned environment. The temperature and humidity in the living environment change drastically, which can easily cause acute rhinitis and chronic simple rhinitis. Once the patient does not pay attention, the rhinitis will not be thoroughly treated after the attack, which will exacerbate rhinitis The worsening of the disease reminds you that chronic hypertrophic rhinitis is likely to occur at this time.


First of all, the air blown by the air conditioner may stir up dust and other indoor allergens on the air conditioner filter net, causing people to inhale these allergens and then develop the disease, causing allergic rhinitis. Secondly, physiological seawater, patients with allergic rhinitis can not get timely treatment, which makes the opening of the sinuses blocked, which is not conducive to the drainage of inflammatory substances. Inflammatory substances carry bacteria into the sinuses, which are easy to survive and reproduce, causing mutual infection between the sinuses Involved in repeated disease, causing sinusitis and other complications. In addition, patients with chronic sinusitis have infiltrated lymphocytes and plasma cells, and epithelial cilia have fallen off, which has caused acute attacks of chronic sinusitis in an air-conditioned environment. In addition, the temperature and humidity inside the air conditioner are relatively suitable, and it is easy to breed a lot of mold. When the air conditioner is turned on in a closed room, the mold will be blown out by the wind and enter the nasal cavity of the human body, which reduces the resistance of the nasal mucosa to bacteria, causing acute Sinusitis.


If the living environment is relatively dry, the best way is to open the windows frequently for ventilation and mop the floor with clean water. Use a physiological seawater nasal spray to clean the nasal cavity every day, or grow some plants indoors. To clean the air duct of the air conditioner frequently, you can also use the humidifier indoors if possible. In the diet, it is recommended to eat less spicy and stimulating food, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water, and maintain a daily drinking volume of more than 2000ml. When you feel the nasal cavity is dry, use pure natural physiological seawater to clean the nasal cavity. It is best not to use nasal drops containing hormones. If you use a physiological seawater nasal spray to clean the nasal cavity, you can also put a glass of boiling water in the mouth and nose to let the steam wet the nasal cavity. , You can also wear a mask when you go out. Taking cod liver oil pills or vitamin B2 in an appropriate amount can promote the normal metabolism of cells, and also helps to prevent dryness of the nasal cavity. After going home, remember to flush the nasal cavity with physiological seawater and do not take the germs home. In addition, proper massage can also promote blood circulation, which is conducive to the normal secretion of nasal mucosa and eases the dryness of the nasal cavity.