How to prevent rhinitis


Rhinitis is a common disease, and it mostly occurs duri […]

Rhinitis is a common disease, and it mostly occurs during the changing seasons. Although rhinitis is not a particularly serious disease, it is also very uncomfortable. It can seriously affect study, life and work. So how to prevent rhinitis? The rhinitis spray company shares prevention tips with you.



1. Prevent colds. It is very easy to catch a cold during the change of seasons, and a cold is often easy to cause allergic rhinitis, etc. Therefore, it is very necessary to do a good job in preventing colds.

2. Eat less hot food such as spicy fried food. For example, chili, ginger, fried dough sticks, biscuits, instant noodles and other foods are easy to stimulate and induce some inflammation.

3. Diversified diet. Eat more vegetables and fruits that contain more vitamins. Such as apples, fresh vegetables, spinach, carrots, etc. Helps increase immunity.

4. Arrange your daily life reasonably. There is a degree of daily work and work, pay attention to the rest time, do not stay up late, staying up late makes people's resistance weak, so a healthy work and rest time is very necessary.

5. Actively exercise. Insist on exercising every day, not only to maintain a good figure, but also to enhance resistance. Therefore, if you want to prevent rhinitis, you should exercise more.

6. Develop good hygiene habits. Replace and clean sheets and quilts in time to prevent allergic rhinitis caused by mites and their secretions. It can also prevent the spread of rhinovirus colds.

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