Importance of appearance with plastic bottles


Medical bottle packaging. In the past, we mainly focuse […]

Medical bottle packaging. In the past, we mainly focused on the sealing and safety of medical bottle packaging. We paid little attention to the appearance of medical bottles. We advocated the practicality of medical bottle packaging and ignored it. Appearance. In fact, with the development of the pharmaceutical market, pharmaceutical packaging bottles have deficiencies in appearance and need to be improved.


In fact, medical plastic bottles are worthy of improvement in many ways when targeting different groups of users. For example, for the children’s market, how to avoid children’s fear of drugs and prevent children from taking drugs by mistake. Obviously, there are many areas for improvement in medicine bottles. For another example, for medical products for the elderly, the fonts should be enlarged as much as possible on the appearance labels of the medical bottles to make the fonts clearer and clearer.

We need to strengthen our understanding of the appearance of the medicinal bottle, and improve it systematically, not only in terms of function, but also in terms of exquisiteness, etc., there is a lot of room for improvement.