Plastic hollow container molding technology witnesses the progress of plastic bottle manufacturing


With the advancement of hollow blow molding technology, […]

With the advancement of hollow blow molding technology, especially the development of large hollow molding equipment, multi-layer co-extrusion hollow molding process and equipment, the latest development of other hollow molding technology has been promoted. Today Jinchang introduces you to the plastic hollow container molding technology. Plastic bottle manufacturing progress.

In the development of hollow plastic molding machines in China, the extrusion blown hollow plastic molding machine is the fastest growing and most complete machine. The latest developments in modern times are mainly reflected in three-dimensional blow molding of complex hollow containers and large packaging containers.

Three-dimensional blow molding usually uses a 6-8 axis robot to transport the parison and place it in a blow mold for inflation. The large hollow blow molding technology belongs to the extrusion blowing process. The machine generally includes an extruder and a machine. Head, clamping device, inflation device, parison wall thickness control system, product removal device, hydraulic station and strong and weak electric control system.