Introduction of hollow blow molding process


Now the hollow blow molding process of plastic Medical […]

Now the hollow blow molding process of plastic Medical Grade Bottle manufacturers has become the main production method of plastic bottles. The advantages are that the cost of molds and masks is low, the mold materials are rich, the product types are many, and the hollow bodies of large and complex shapes can be produced, with high production efficiency and high degree of automation. The disadvantage is that there are certain restrictions on the shape of the product; it is difficult to control the wall thickness; the dimensional accuracy is low.

Common blow molding processes are extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding and stretch blow molding. In extrusion blow molding, the molten material is extruded through the extrusion device, and the extruded blank is blown in the blow mold, cooled and shaped, and then the mold is taken out to take out the product; injection blow molding, the bottom embryo is injected first, and then enters the blow mold Blow molding, cooling and setting, and then take out the mold and take out the product. Stretch blow molding is produced by extruding or injecting blanks. A stretch rod is placed in the blow mold for axial stretching. The bubble product is stretched horizontally, cooled and formed, and finally taken out from the mold.