Medical plastic bottle enterprises must enhance their competitiveness


Plastic bottles are one of the widely used packaging pr […]

Plastic bottles are one of the widely used packaging products used in the packaging of the beverage, food, and pharmaceutical markets. However, in the current buyer's market, excessive product competition is fierce. How to improve the competitiveness of plastic bottle enterprises?

1. Open up the unpopular and undeveloped market
For medical plastic bottle manufacturers, in the traditional packaging field, when competitors compete to consolidate the market, if they can open up some markets that are relatively unfettered by other peers, it is obviously beneficial to the development of the enterprise. On the one hand, there are fewer companies producing these unpopular markets, and it is more difficult for buyers to find suppliers. Therefore, plastic bottle manufacturers can appropriately increase the price of plastic bottles and increase the profit of products. On the other hand, these markets have less competition. Although there are not many orders in normal times, there are orders on one order, because there are fewer competitors and the transaction probability is often larger.
In the past eight years, disposable PET plastic bottles have occupied a considerable market share, and the quality of plastic bottles is also increasing. The importance of plastic containers has gradually emerged, not only in the beverage market, but also in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. New filling technologies and the development of heat-resistant PET bottles have opened up new possibilities and options. PET bottles are popular in the packaging of beverages, cosmetics and sanitary products, while detergent packaging mainly uses PE plastic bottles.
Internationally, with the increase of population, the improvement of living standards and the westernization of consumption patterns, the demand for plastic bottles in some Eastern European countries will increase. In Eastern Europe, the per capita consumption of bottled beverages is still far below that of Western Europe, which means that its future growth potential is quite large, and the market demand for plastic bottles will increase.
2, multi-channel promotion of plastic bottles
We believe that manufacturers need to keep abreast of the various ways in which mobile phones can promote plastic bottles. However, we believe that under the current circumstances, the focus of plastic bottle manufacturers should be on the traditional network computer. This is mainly because the emerging mobile client promotion has no mature model on the one hand, it requires more energy, and it will have more expenses. On the other hand, the plastic bottle promotion platform of the traditional network is very mature, and the habits of customers will not change very quickly in the short term. In this way, the focus should be on the traditional network.
3. Improve the quality of plastic bottles
When a product develops for a longer period of time, the market competition will become more intense. At this time, manufacturers need to start from all aspects to deal with the competition problem. First of all, in terms of quality, only by improving the quality of the product itself, can we get more opportunities. However, if a good product is not known, the sales volume cannot be improved, so it is also very important in publicity. In today's market situation, high-quality, environmentally-friendly and degradable products have become the first choice of customers, and it is the goal of manufacturers.

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