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Various types of Medical Sprayers are available in the […]

Various types of Medical Sprayers are available in the market. Some of them are for medical use while others are meant for cosmetic use. They are either sold as empty or filled with liquid. For example, there are atomizers which can be used to disinfect surfaces and clean wounds. They also come with different mechanisms. The pump-action sprayer is an example of a pump action device.

The new spacer-applicator is a clever device that can be used for medical or pharmaceutical use. The device is a conical plastic part with a series of compartments. One end is attached to the user's mouth while the other end is adapted to the anatomy of the user. It is made of a durable material like plastic or metal and is configured to be an effective device for medical spraying. It has a small physical body so it can be carried by an asthmatic patient. It may even be used to spray a hygienic substance into the nostrils of a patient. It may be considered as a novel invention which can be used to improve the dosage of a spray in a way that is both convenient and practical.

The new spacer-applicator has an inflation valve which allows air to be pumped into the device. The device also has a valve that swells the device to the appropriate size. This is the reason why it is considered to be a novelty in the industry. The device also has a bi-quantity divider which is used for each spray mode. A fine mist is created which is a good way to prevent a solution from getting into a wound. It has an insulating plate made of stainless steel that is glued to the vibrating element. The insulating plate is a good way to ensure that the device does not generate vibrational energy.

The new spacer-applicator also has a number of other features. One of the most important is its ability to disperse a medicine or disinfectant in an electrostatic way. Usually, the medicine is sprayed into the nostrils of the patient. It is also used to dispense medicines in a whirling manner. It may even be attached to pressurized cans to facilitate product distribution. The device can also be used to spray hygienic substances into the mouth, nostrils, or ears.

Hot Sale PP Plastic Medical Spray Pump Packaging

Hot Sale PP Plastic Medical Spray Pump Packaging

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NECK SIZE 20/410