Medicinal plastic bottles will help Chinese medicine break new ground


Since ancient times, Chinese medical techniques have be […]

Since ancient times, Chinese medical techniques have been prescribing decoctions. Although their efficacy is not inferior to Western patent medicines, their popularity and circulation are far less convenient to carry than Western patent medicines. In recent years, the traditional Chinese medicine industry in my country has gradually stepped out of tradition and began to decoct the medicines into essences, and make them into pills or liquid medicines in plastic bottles, allowing the spread of Chinese patent medicines.

The Western medical community has affirmed my country's medical skills, but because the West pursues more fashion and convenience, Chinese medicine has not been further promoted to foreign markets. In recent years, the Chinese pharmaceutical industry has had to start reforms and innovations in the packaging of medicines in order to enable Chinese medical skills to spread abroad, using plastic bottles instead. However, medicinal plastic bottles must have the following characteristics in order to achieve the purpose of improved packaging of traditional Chinese medicine.

1. The medical plastic bottle must not have any chemical reaction with the medicine, and does not affect the stability of the traditional Chinese medicine medicine;

2. Medical plastic bottles need to be highly prevented from ventilating to ensure that the medicines can maintain the best efficacy after opening;

3. The body of the plastic bottle needs to be light and convenient for consumers to carry;

4. The plastic bottle has high toughness, can withstand impact, is not easy to break, and is convenient for the transportation of traditional Chinese medicine.