Nasal irrigation is very important


The weather began to get cold, and more and more patien […]

The weather began to get cold, and more and more patients with rhinitis began to find the nasal washing device that was forgotten in the corner in summer and started to wash their nose. At present, nasal washing is still being explored and used in most of the top three hospitals and a small number of second-grade public hospitals in the domestic medical field. However, strictly speaking, nasal washing is only a health care behavior, and nasal irrigation is the real medical term, and it is used in foreign nasal cavity. The role of flushing has been clear. At present, nasal irrigation is abbreviated as NSI, which is a treatment method unanimously approved by the American Allergy Asthma and Immunity Association, the American Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Association and the British Allergy Association.



The functions of nasal irrigation have been defined as follows:

1. Reduce the concentration of local inflammatory mediators;

2. Improve the function of mucociliary system;

3. Reduce edema of nasal cavity and sinus mucosa;

4. Clean the mucus on the surface of the mucous membrane.

Of course, the final clinical effect of nasal cavity irrigation is determined by the nasal cavity irrigator, nasal cavity irrigation fluid and the specific method of use.

First, the nasal irrigator. Although everyone's nasal cavity structure is the same, the volume of the nasal cavity is different, so the better flushing strength for each person is also different. This also determines that the nasal irrigator must have a wide range of changes in the washing power, and the change of the washing power is continuous, so that the user can find the right washing power; from this point, it can also be seen that the seawater Although nasal spray is convenient to use, its principle is not to flush the nasal cavity, so seawater spray can not replace the nasal cavity.

Second, the nasal cavity flushing fluid, currently commonly used is physiological saline, because in addition to water, there is also sodium chloride with a concentration of 0.9%. In addition to the same concentration as the body cell fluid and blood, sodium chloride and Water is also two chemical substances with very high human affinity. It rarely causes allergic irritation to the human body and can be rinsed gently and harmlessly. Other Chinese herbal plant lotions that have the effect of reducing swelling and healing sores are also a large category of nasal rinses. At present, there are some internal preparations of tertiary hospitals involved, and foreign experts are also conducting research in this area.

Third, remember the three words light, warm and mouth when washing the nasal cavity. To be light is to squeeze gently, and gradually find the flushing pressure that suits you; temperature is to pay attention to the temperature of the water at 30 to 40 degrees. Generally, add 100 ml of boiling water to a 500 ml container and 400 ml of cold water. The temperature is just Good; mouth, that is, use your mouth to breathe when washing your nose, don't hold your breath, and don't breathe through your nose to prevent choking.