Nasal Sprayer - 20/410 Atomizer Nasal Spray


A 20/410 atomizer nasal spray is a type of nasal spray […]

A 20/410 atomizer nasal spray is a type of nasal spray that uses an atomizer to dispense medication through the nose. The "20/410" refers to the size of the sprayer nozzle and the thread finish on the container. The number "20" refers to the thread size, and the number "410" refers to the thread style. This size and style of sprayer nozzle is commonly used for nasal sprays.

The atomizer in the nasal spray creates a fine mist that can be easily inhaled through the nose. This allows the medication to be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream through the nasal mucosa, which can provide fast relief for symptoms such as nasal congestion, allergies, and sinus headaches.

The medication in the nasal spray can come in different forms, such as saline solutions, decongestants, or steroids. It's important to follow the instruction on the label, as well as the guidance of your doctor or pharmacist for proper usage and dosage.

It's also important to properly clean and store the nasal spray after each use, to prevent contamination and ensure that it continues to work effectively. Most nasal sprays recommend replacing it after a certain period of time, even if it still contains product, this way the effectiveness of the spray is guaranteed and the risk of infection is minimized.

A nasal sprayer is a great way to ensure a clean, sting free nose. This nifty device is also a reusable. It comes with a 70mm dip tube and a clear protective cap. The aforementioned aforementioned features are paired with a pump that delivers just the right dose of liquid. In addition, the nozzle is positioned a mere 1/16" above the bottle rim, ensuring that no evaporation occurs. Not to mention, the aforementioned feature allows for a streamlined application process.

Custom Wholesale 20/410 Atomizer Nasal Spray For Bottles

Custom Wholesale 20/410 Atomizer Nasal Spray For Bottles

Material: PP
size: 18mm,20mm,......
Output: 0.10-0.15cc/T
Color: Any color is availale
Size: 18/410,20/410,24/410,28/410
Styple: Aluminum medical nasal sprayer
Certifications: SGS.TUV NORD, ISO15378:2021
MOQ: 30000pcs
Lead time: 15-20days after receiving the deposit
Payment term: 30% TT in advance and balance 70% upon copy of B/L
OEM series: Yes
Function: the medical liquid will not be contact with metal, glass, only plastic