Nasal Sprayer/ Dispenser - What You Need to Know Before Using One


Nasal Sprayer/ Dispenser/ reliever is the device used t […]

Nasal Sprayer/ Dispenser/ reliever is the device used to open the sinuses and release the mucus from the nasal cavities. This is the simplest method of decongesting mucus from the nasal cavities and thus enabling the patient to breathe easily. The nose is then opened and clear mucus is released, which helps in clearing the sinuses. Nasal decongestant sprays available in various volumes, types and strengths.

Nasal sprays available in different types, brands and strengths: Nasal Sprayer/ Dispenser/ reliever: Nasal sprayers available in various types, brands and strengths are very popular among all the age groups for decongestion of the nasal cavities and relief from mucus problems. Nasal sprays containing anti-histamine and anti-irritant components are also used for congestion of the nose. You can either try snoot or neti pots as replacement for medicine or sprays. Nasal sprays are very useful for allergy induced rhinitis as they will reduce the inflammation caused due to allergies.

Nasal Sprayer/ Dispenser: Nasal spray bottles are similar to a bottle of medicine containing medicine with antihistamine and anti-irritant ingredients. However, there is no need to keep them with the nasal sprayer as you can just simply throw the empty bottle and replace it with a fresh one. Nasal decongestant bottle sprayers are portable and easy to carry around.

Nasal Sprayer/ Dispenser/ reliever: The difference between Nasal Sprayer and a medicine bottle is that a nasal sprayer has to be kept close by. It is meant for daily use and should not be taken out of the medicine cabinet without its doctor's prescription. This type of sprayer also has a protective cap for keeping the medicine inside and prevents it from being blown out during a sneeze. The plastic nosepiece fits over your nose and holds the bottle securely. It is important that the nosepiece is fitted properly and securely so as to avoid the nosepiece from breaking as a result of pressure from the wind while using the sprayer

Nasal Sprayer/ Dispenser: A nasal cleanser spray can be purchased as separate components. This means you can have a nasal cleanser spray that works well as a decongestant and anti-inflammatory. There is also another common type of cleanser which comes in conjunction with a decongestant and anti-irritant. They are often referred to as complete nasal sprays as they include both of these medicinal components.

Nasal Sprayers/ Dispensers are available in different sizes and can be obtained from your local drug stores, as well as from online retailers who stock the largest inventories. You may need to measure your nasal cavities to ensure the proper fit of the unit. The cost of the nasal sprayer or nasal spray pump will vary depending on the type of bottle you purchase. Smaller bottles will generally cost less than larger ones. To save money, it may be a good idea to consider purchasing a used or refilled unit which can also work very well.