• Plastic hollow container molding technology witnesses the progress of plastic bottle manufacturing


    With the advancement of hollow blow molding technology, especially the development of large hollow molding equipment, multi-layer co-extrusion hollow molding process and equipment, the latest development of other hollow molding technology has been promoted. Today Jinchang introduces you to the plast...

  • The development trend of the plastic packaging industry


    At present, China's packaging industry is increasingly demanding, and its scientific and technological content is increasing. It has become one of the important industries in China's national economy. It is predicted that from 2011 to 2015, the total output value of the packaging industry can reach ...

  • 4 major misunderstandings of moisturizing spray


            The air conditioning in the office devours the moisture in our skin, and almost every female colleague's table is filled with a spray of spray.         With just one click, the tiny misty water droplets instantly make you water-like, but after a few minutes, you feel your face is dry, and th...