• Global pharmaceutical medicinal PET medicinal plastic bottle packaging production growth


    It is understood that pharmaceutical plastic bottles have become the symbol of innovation and development of the pharmaceutical packaging industry and have been successfully listed. The demand for medicinal plastic bottle packaging in the world has risen steadily, and the market prospect of medicina...

  • How to choose medicinal plastic bottles


    Medicinal plastic bottles play a protective role in medicines. Nowadays, the types of medicines are getting more and more. The packaging used is not the same. Different materials may react with medicines. So how do you choose to use medicinal packaging? If you need a bottle with a high transparency,...

  • The pharmaceutical plastic bottle industry is developing rapidly


    The plastic bottle packaging industry itself has its own advantages, and the form of pharmaceutical packaging is constantly changing, from the original paper packaging bags, plastic bag packaging to the current polyethylene plastic bottles and polypropylene bottles, and so on. In the form of plastic...