PET plastic bottle compared with PP plastic bottle


There are many kinds of plastic bottles, and the functi […]

There are many kinds of plastic bottles, and the functions and characteristics of plastic bottles of different materials are different. Let's compare PET plastic bottles with PP plastic bottles.
Generally, a PP plastic bottle is mixed with a 0.1%-0.4% sorbitol xylene nucleating agent, and a high-clear PP plastic bottle can be produced by blowing, blowing, injecting, kneading, and the like. PP plastic bottles have good temperature resistance, bottle shape is sensitive, safety, hygiene and content taste are inferior, and the price is cheaper than PET, PS, PE and other materials. The use of PP plastic bottles in beverage packaging stores has gradually approached PET bottles. The development of modified resins, anti-reflecting agents and mechanical equipment skills has enabled PP containers to replace glass, PET and PVC containers, and has broad prospects for shopping malls.
PET plastic bottles are the mainstream of beverage packaging. China's beverage packaging industry is dominated by PET plastic bottles. So far, no better or better packaging materials have been found to replace PET plastic bottles. The PP bottle is mainly a one-step injection blow molding and a two-step heating blow molding machine. The molded PP bottle has the advantages of being bright, strong and heat-resistant, and the price is lower than the radical data. Hot filling can be carried out at 100 ° C, while the general PET bottle filling temperature can not be higher than the glass transition of 76 ° C. The function of PP to moisture is about 5 times that of PET, and the production of PP preforms is lower than that of PET preforms. PP bottles have a longer cycle life than PET bottles.