Pharmaceutical packaging industry: in-depth layout of green and smart packaging


Environmental protection efforts continue to increase I […]

Environmental protection efforts continue to increase Industry reshuffle kicks off
As we all know, China is a big packaging country, but its “big” is mainly reflected in the quantity of packaging, and the quality of packaging, brand type, technical content and economic benefits are difficult to compete with developed countries. Therefore, China’s packaging is filled with It is also necessary to refine the "internal strength" and improve the quality of packaging. At the same time, we should seize the market development trend and accelerate the transformation and upgrading. Therefore, in the face of new market competition, China's pharmaceutical packaging enterprises can only seize the development trend and green development in order to win the first opportunity. At the same time, the reshuffle of the packaging industry has brought certain opportunities and challenges to the development of pharmaceutical packaging equipment enterprises.

Demand continues to increase, packaging technology needs to be improved
In the past, the pharmaceutical packaging industry had serious problems such as overcapacity, low-end competition in the industry, and serious shortage of packaging innovation. This also pointed out the direction for the development of pharmaceutical packaging equipment in China. Against the background of increasing market demand, China's pharmaceutical packaging equipment urgently needs to improve the technical content, improve the production efficiency and innovation of packaging, and expand the practicality and applicability of packaging equipment.
Pharmaceutical packaging equipment refers to equipment that completes all or part of the pharmaceutical packaging process. It also includes accessories such as stamping and metering. In the packaging process of pharmaceuticals, including the main packaging processes such as filling, wrapping, sealing, etc. Processes such as cleaning, stacking and disassembly.

Stepping up on smart packaging, hunting the two trillion market
China's pharmaceutical packaging industry still has problems such as weak independent innovation capability in the industry, automation of packaging manufacturing process, low level of informationization and intelligence. In the context of consumption upgrades, domestic demand for high-end packaging will grow steadily, and packaging companies with high automation and intelligent qualifications will continue to benefit.
In terms of policies, the packaging industry will focus on the development of six major projects, such as green packaging, smart packaging and safe packaging, to promote the innovative development and green development of the packaging industry, to create an upgraded version of the packaging economy, and to achieve a substantial transformation of the industry from large to strong.