Plastic bottles have an increasing share of the packaging industry in the future


In the beverage and food industry, the cosmetics indust […]

In the beverage and food industry, the cosmetics industry, and the pharmaceutical industry, plastic bottles are an important packaging container. With the widespread use of plastic bottles, people have further understood the safety performance of plastic bottles.

Plastic bottles have less impurities and good sealing performance. They are used for beverages, foods, medicines, etc. They have good quality assurance. The production of plastic bottles will be made according to the industry of choice. Therefore, the bottom of the plastic bottle now has a triangular triangle symbol to facilitate the classification of plastic bottles for recycling. Plastic bottles are not used for wine and vinegar. Plastic bottles still contain a small amount of ethylene monomer. They are used to hold fat-soluble organic substances such as wine and vinegar, which will produce chemical compounds that are not beneficial to the human body.

The plastic bottle is easy to carry, not afraid of falling, has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, and can be recycled. It has an increasing share in the packaging industry in the future.