Requirement for appearance quality of tablet medicine bottle


The quality of pharmaceutical packaging is related to w […]

The quality of pharmaceutical packaging is related to whether the medicine can be stored well. Tablet medicine bottle is a common type of medicine packaging. In addition to strict requirements on tightness, microbial limit, and water vapor transmission, the appearance of the packaging is also of equal importance.

The processing raw materials for tablet medicine bottles include polyethylene, polypropylene and polyester. Taking high-density polyethylene raw materials as an example, in the quality standard of YBB00122002-2015 "Oral solid medicinal high-density polyethylene bottles", the appearance requirements are As follows: Take an appropriate amount of this product, look directly at it in a bright place with natural light. It should have a uniform color and no obvious color difference. The surface of the bottle should be smooth and flat, without deformation and obvious scratches. There must be no blisters, oil stains, and air bubbles. The mouth of the bottle should be flat and smooth.

The surface color of the bottle is uniform and no color difference is the basic requirement to ensure the overall aesthetics of the package. And trachoma, oil stains, and air bubbles are the criteria for judging the quality of the bottle. If the bottle body is easily leaked by the trachoma, the package is not tightly sealed and affects the storage of the drug. The smoothness of the bottle mouth is related to whether the bottle cap and the bottle mouth can cooperate well to achieve a good sealing effect.

Taken together, the bottle body, mouth, color, etc. are all very important in the appearance quality of the tablet medicine bottle. Only when the requirements in the standard are met can it be regarded as a qualified packaging, and it can better ensure the effectiveness of the medicine.