The pharmaceutical plastic bottle industry is developing rapidly


The plastic bottle packaging industry itself has its ow […]

The plastic bottle packaging industry itself has its own advantages, and the form of pharmaceutical packaging is constantly changing, from the original paper packaging bags, plastic bag packaging to the current polyethylene plastic bottles and polypropylene bottles, and so on. In the form of plastic bottle packaging, future hood packaging and strip composite film packaging will also become the mainstream of solid dosage drug packaging. At the same time, the quality of plastic bottles began to receive attention from all walks of life, including environmental protection of products and safety and health.
The pharmaceutical packaging industry currently accounts for 10% of the total output value of domestic packaging, and now the market for pharmaceutical packaging is still developing, which is the driving force for the entire pharmaceutical bottle production field.
For the pharmaceutical bottle market, the market share of plastic pharmaceutical bottles has been rising in recent years. Traditional glass medicine bottles have a rapid market compression due to some defects in the packaging of honey. The number of manufacturers engaged in the production of glass medicine bottles is now far less than the number of plastic medicine bottle manufacturers.
The latest technological advances in the field of plastic packaging, such as multi-layer coextrusion in functional films and containers, have also been used in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. At the same time of rapid industrial scale development, as environmental problems become more and more serious, green, environmentally friendly and low-carbon plastic packaging will be more and more respected and concerned. In addition to being widely used in food packaging, plastic packaging has been further packaged in industrial packaging. In the fields of pharmaceutical packaging, building materials packaging, cosmetics packaging, etc., its scope of use and prospects are becoming more and more broad, and multi-functionality, light weight, environmental protection and intelligence will be the mainstream trend of packaging materials development.
The form of pharmaceutical packaging is constantly changing. China will become the fastest growing pharmaceutical plastic bottle industry. Therefore, relevant enterprises must seize the opportunity to promote their own continuous development and upgrading.

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