There are several causes of chronic rhinitis


The causes of chronic rhinitis are as follows: A. Local […]

The causes of chronic rhinitis are as follows:
A. Local factors
1. Repeated attacks of acute rhinitis or incomplete treatment.
2. Long-term effects of chronic nasal cavity and sinus diseases: for example, patients with chronic suppurative oysteritis have long-term nasal mucosa stimulated by pus; severe nasal septum deviation prevents nasal ventilation and drainage, so that the nasal mucosa is prone to repeated infections and is not easy to recover completely .
3. Shadow orientation of adjacent lesions: mainly inflammatory lesions, such as chronic tonsillitis, adenoid hypertrophy, etc.
4. Improper or long-term use of nasal medicine: If the drug is used for a long time, it may cause vasodilation and swelling of the mucous membrane, causing drug-induced rhinitis.



B. Systemic factors
1. Systemic chronic diseases: such as anemia, diabetes, rheumatism, tuberculosis, heart, liver and kidney disease, autonomic dysfunction and chronic constipation, etc., can cause long-term congestion or reflex congestion of nasal mucosa blood vessels.
2. Malnutrition: such as lack of vitamins A and C.
C. Occupational and environmental factors
Long-term or repeated inhalation of dust (such as cement, coal dust, flour, etc.) or harmful chemical gases (such as S02, formaldehyde, etc.), sharp changes in temperature and humidity in living or production environments (such as steelmaking, freezing operations) can cause this disease occur.
D. Other
The occurrence of this disease is also related to individual immune dysfunction and allergy. The nose is an important portal and starting point of the human respiratory tract. If you have rhinitis, you should treat it in time. Rhinitis is extremely harmful. If the treatment is not timely, it can cause a lot of complications and seriously threaten human health.