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  • Three major trends in the development of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle industry


    Medical plastic bottle is a kind of plastic bottle processed by blow molding process, mainly used for plastic container of medicine packaging, liquid medicine, solvent, etc. It is used as the carrier of medicinal products, for the circulation and transportation of medicinal products, and display rac...

  • What aspects of solid plastic bottle inspection


    The inspection of solid plastic bottles mainly revolves around two aspects. Testing of barrier performance and sealing performance of plastic bottles. Because when the solid plastic bottle contains oral solid medicines, if the airtightness is not good, the medicine inside will lose its original perf...

  • How to solve the spray bottle can not spray


    Check whether the spray bottle nozzle is blocked by foreign matter. The nozzle of a spray bottle often consists of one or more very small holes. If the lid is not closed in time after daily use, fine dust particles in the air will stick to the nozzle and cause blockage, making the spray bottle unabl...