What are the advantages of high-quality solid plastic bottles


Medical plastic bottles have a wide range of colors for […]

Medical plastic bottles have a wide range of colors for people to choose from, but generally cities choose transparent or white for operation, because other colors contain a lot of pigments, and long-term operation will cause direct or indirect damage to the human body.

On the premise of ensuring the safety and sanitation of solid plastic bottles, we come to select materials and process design for solid bottles. The solid plastic bottle is processed by GMP with excellent raw materials, and can be filled at the same time when it is produced in the purification workshop. Therefore, the manufacturer can operate directly without cleaning the bottle body, which reduces the filling cost. And the weight is much lighter than the weight of glass bottles. So it also has the splendid characteristics of easy storage.



It has a brilliant stabilization function, which is convenient for people to operate and store. After more than 30 years of historical changes, it has become a must-have product in the medical packaging industry.

The appearance of solid plastic bottles solves this serious problem to a greater extent. Its vitality is firm. In order to ensure the rigidity of solid plastic bottles, we have to choose suitable materials for manufacturing, to better strengthen the solid bottles, and also to choose a design process suitable for solid plastic bottles. Because of course, glass bottles can also store solid plastic bottles and have better sealing properties, but they are fragile and unfavorable for people's storage and operation.

Solid plastic bottles have grown since they were opened. Its anti-fall function is strong, falling from a high altitude will not cause it to crack, and it also has a brilliant anti-freeze function, it will not freeze and crack at low temperatures.