What are the applications of lightweight PET plastic bottles in the pharmaceutical industry?


Traditional Chinese medicine treats diseases by prescri […]

Traditional Chinese medicine treats diseases by prescribing prescriptions and boiling them into medicines. In recent years, it has been vigorously promoted. The theory of Chinese medicine is cited with Western technology. Various good prescriptions are not inferior to the effects of Western medicine. But when it comes to popularization and circulation, it is far less convenient than Western patent medicines that can be bought at any time and carried around. To this end, the Chinese medicine industry is actively developing new pharmaceutical methods, condensing herbal medicines from various prescriptions into pills or liquid medicine packaging, which is convenient for wholesale and retail, in order to open up the popularization of Chinese patent medicines. PET plastic bottle packaging manufacturers

Although some old drug stores with a long history have established a stable market, they have not been able to further expand their market share due to the uneven quality of packaging. On the other hand, some time-honored brands that can break the old and establish the new take advantage of the further acceptance and affirmation of traditional Chinese medicine by the West and the new generation of young people.

Attractive packaging can enhance the brand image of a product, which has long been proven in a wide variety of products. Major foreign pharmaceutical companies use PET plastic bottles as packaging materials. According to the person in charge of Hong Kong Nylon Enterprise Co., Ltd., the Chinese agent of Nissei ASB Machinery Co., Ltd., a famous Japanese manufacturer of PET bottle blowing equipment, injection stretch blow molding PET bottles have the following advantages:

◆PET (PolyethyleneTerephthalate) does not have any chemical reaction with most medicines and does not affect the stability of medicines.

◆The high-transparency bottle body is comparable to glass bottles, allowing users to clearly see the quality of the medicine

◆High anti-breathing properties keep the drug at its best effect

The bottle is light and convenient for consumers to carry; it can greatly reduce the transportation cost

◆The characteristics of PET plastic are high toughness, can withstand impact, not easily broken, safer and more reliable than glass bottles; it can reduce damage during transportation

◆Accurate threaded bottle mouth is injection molded, with high precision, and with the anti-theft cover, it can greatly improve its sealing performance, which can not only prevent leakage but also ensure safety.

◆Beautiful appearance, which greatly enhances the grade and brand image of medicines. Taking eye drops for external use as an example, most medicines are packaged in PET bottles. The eyes are our important organs, and users have higher safety requirements for medicines directly used in the eyes. The PET bottle is one of the best choices to allow users to clearly see the hygiene and quality of the medicines in the bottle, and it is not easy to break and is convenient for daily carrying.