What are the specific steps of nasal spray?


1. An empty bottle of used nasal spray can be found, so […]

1. An empty bottle of used nasal spray can be found, some are plastic bottles, the opening can be unscrewed. It can be used when washing with hot water. Purchase a few 500 milliliters of 0.9% sodium chloride injection (ie, normal saline). The originality of heating the whole bottle of normal saline with electric heating can be heated to the extent that the hand feels hot when using it. Then add overheated normal saline and pour it into the empty spray bottle. The screw can be used, and it can be sprayed directly to the nose. Spray four or five times a day, 2-3 sprays each time. Of course, the better the use time, the better. Use heating each time. If time is tight, then sooner or later, or only once, but spray more.

Please note that this method can only clean the front of the nasal cavity and the lower nasal passages, and cannot clean all parts of the sinuses and the upper, middle and lower nasal passages.




It is basically suitable for all types of rhinitis and can improve the symptoms of rhinitis. Some allergic rhinitis may receive more ideal results, but the overall effect is weak.

2. You can also find a small teapot, preferably with a thinner spout and a straight spout instead of a curved spout. You can use it to heat the salt water, the spout is directly blocked on the nostrils, the head is slightly bent, and then poured. Water usually flows out from the other nostril, and some flows into the mouth and spit out.

It should be noted that patients with nasal congestion should use it with caution, as nasal congestion can block the flow of water, easily enter the ears, and is prone to swelling and pain.

This method can basically reach all nasal cavities (provided that the nose is not blocked), but not the sinuses. There seems to be a similar special nasal cleaning tool on the market, so you might as well buy one to use.

3. Some of the more advanced special tools are divided into three categories abroad. One is the imported nasal wash pot, which relies on the power flow of the water itself, the other is hand pressure, which provides a certain pressure by hand pressure, and the other advanced is electric. The pressure is greater than others, so the effect is better. There are two types of electric ones. One is the moving water column of the electric artery. The difference is that the water column is pressure and frequency. It has a good cleaning effect and can play a massage function. It is said that it can reach the sinuses because of the pressure. But because it is a column of water, the amount of water is large, and nasal congestion should also be used with caution. The second is the voltage spray type, which is more comfortable to use, because the mist can reach all the nasal cavities and sinuses, and it can also be used for nasal congestion, because its water is very small, although it sometimes has abdominal distension, it is difficult to bear and will not enter the ear.