What aspects of solid plastic bottle inspection


The inspection of solid plastic bottles mainly revolves […]

The inspection of solid plastic bottles mainly revolves around two aspects. Testing of barrier performance and sealing performance of plastic bottles. Because when the solid plastic bottle contains oral solid medicines, if the airtightness is not good, the medicine inside will lose its original performance. If the barrier property is not good, it will not achieve the effect of quality preservation. So for these two Aspect testing is also very important.


The first barrier test is to test the water vapor penetration test. Place the pre-processed solid plastic bottle in the test chamber. Nitrogen with a certain humidity flows on the outside of the plastic bottle, and high-purity nitrogen flows on the inside of the plastic bottle. Due to the humidity gradient, water vapor molecules pass through the film and are transferred from the plastic bottle. The outside diffuses into the high-purity nitrogen on the inside and is carried by the flowing nitrogen to the sensor. The result can be obtained by analyzing the water vapor concentration measured by the sensor and then evaluated. The second is to test the tightness of solid plastic bottles.

Practicality: The packaging materials of solid plastic bottles are all the same material. If one of the solid plastic bottles is broken, it can be replaced with the same plastic bottle of the same solid plastic bottle. Remember, you cannot use it casually. Medical plastic bottles are used instead of other plastic bottles. Different types of solid plastic bottles need to pay attention to different matters. If they are mixed together, the loss of effectiveness is small, which may cause life danger, so be sure to replace them carefully.
Convenience: The shape, size, and structure of the solid plastic bottle are fixed, so it can be applied to the requirements of various filling solid plastic bottle machines and is convenient for production.