What do you need to pay attention to when using medicinal plastic bottles?


Medical plastic bottles are of course a kind of packagi […]

Medical plastic bottles are of course a kind of packaging containers for medicines, and medicines are the main substance for treating the human body. Plastic bottles for medicines must undergo various safety inspections before they can be used to store medicines. Plastic bottles used to contain medicines in medicine are called medicinal plastic bottles.

Because the material of some plastic bottles is not very good, carcinogenic substances will be produced under sunlight. The use of all medicinal plastic bottles also requires extreme care. Improper use will not only invalidate the efficacy of the medicine, but also cause damage. Indirect damage to our body. Some experts in the production of medical plastic bottles also pointed out a few points on how to use this packaging container.


If we need packaging bottles with high transparency, we choose this kind of polyester plastic bottle, and if it is some drugs that do not need to be exposed to light, we choose brown plastic bottles. There are many kinds of materials to choose from, and no matter what material you choose, the medicinal plastic bottle has a very important influence on the goods to be packaged.

The application of medicinal plastic bottles must have professional knowledge. The size and cap of the plastic bottle have special requirements, and the cap should be made of pp material. Generally, plastic bottles of tablet materials are usually made of high-density polyethylene. In general, polypropylene or polyester bottles are used as the main material for drugs in liquid dosage forms. The infiltration and secretion of water vapor and the tightness of the bottle are important indicators of plastic bottles. Whether they are qualified or not is related to the quality and safety of the medicines.

Therefore, the medical use of plastic bottles for medicines is very strict, and not all plastic bottles are suitable for packaging medicines. Not only has there been great improvements in the materials for the production of medicinal plastic bottles, but a new type of process has also been adopted in the processing of medicinal plastic bottles, which is also of great benefit to users.