What Does a Nasal Sprayer Do?


The Nasal Sprayer is one of the medical devices that ev […]

The Nasal Sprayer is one of the medical devices that every doctor in the hospital uses. This instrument is available to them to clear the nasal passage of mucus and other irritants such as pollens. The device sprays a fine mist of medication through the nose into the nasal passageway so that you have fresh air to breathe in. The sprayer works by using pressurized nozzles that shoot a stream of medication through the air into the nose.

The Nasal Sprayer is an instrument that is similar to an atomizer or cigar, however it does not have a cigar like end. The assembly case consists of two sections, the upper case and the lower case. The upper case contains the glass ampule and the rubber seal. The rubber seal is used to keep the contents of the ampule in place during the process of spraying the nasal sprayer.

The next feature of this medical device is that the medical bottle. The plastic nose plug is the container in which the medicine is dispensed. It also has a screw top which holds the bottle firmly in place on the nasal sprayer. The screw top also serves as a safety device. The screw tops are usually made from titanium.


The next feature of the nasal sprayer is the nozzle. The nozzle can be either a continuous suction or a single-use push button. A continuous suction serves the purpose of blowing a steady stream of medication into the nose at a set pace. A single-use push button will allow the user to measure the exact amount of medication to be dispensed.

The last part of the Nasal Sprayer is the neti pot. The neti pot is a small receptacle for water, which is used to flush out the nasal cavities. This pot is used in conjunction with the sprayer. The neti pot helps to moisten the nose, and also keeps dirt and debris out of the nasal cavities. Nasal cleansers are used to remove the mucus, and the neti pot serves as the receptacle for the water.

Nasal sprays, like most other medical products, come in two types: the mucosal atomizer type and the neti pot type. The mucosal atomizer type is used for non-prescription and over the counter medicines, and can be used with or without the neti pot. The neti pot is used for prescription and OTC drugs and must be prescribed by a doctor. Nasal cleansers are available in both pharmaceutical and generic forms. Generic nasal spray is generally preferred for home use.