What is an Oral Sprayer?


An oral sprayer is a device that dispenses medication d […]

An oral sprayer is a device that dispenses medication directly into the mouth. The device has a long rod that is inserted into the mouth. It dispenses liquid through the nozzle into the back of the mouth. Other common synonyms for oral sprayers include rotary rod sprayer, oral spray pump, and rotary arm sprayer. These devices are manufactured using safe, FDA-approved materials. If you're considering purchasing an oral sprayer, there are a few things to consider.

The most common uses for oral sprays are temporary relief from dry mouth. The spray acts as a substitute for saliva and provides a moisture film on oral tissues. The American Academy of Oral Medicine recommends using over-the-counter mouth sprays containing xylitol, an essential ingredient in mouth sprays. A dental professional can prescribe a spray if you don't find a solution to your dry mouth symptoms.