What kind of diseases can be treated by physiological seawater nasal spray?


At present, people are not used to modern nasal sprayer […]

At present, people are not used to modern nasal sprayers. They are used for nasal irrigation. But what diseases can be treated with saline nasal spray? What should you pay attention to when using them?

The main structure of the saline nasal sprayer described below is the housing, lining, nozzle and nozzle cover. After understanding the physiological nasal sprayer, let us see what the physiological nasal sprayer can treat.

The main physical nasal sprayers mainly solve the following situations:
1) Relieve the symptoms of nasal congestion caused by various reasons. a Help newborns, infants and babies clear nasal secretions and nasal secretions to avoid nasal mucosa damage. b Help your child learn the correct way to blow nose and get rid of the habit of picking nose.
2) Help prevent colds, reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases (such as trachea, bronchi and asthma), or relieve the symptoms of respiratory diseases (such as trachea, bronchus and asthma)
3) Prevent and assist in the treatment of various acute and chronic rhinitis, and flush all kinds of allergens in time, such as dust, dust, heavy metals and nasal bacteria.
4) Repair the damaged nasal cavity and promote wound healing. Uses: newborn, infant, child and adult




After understanding the function of the saline nasal spray, what should I pay attention to when using it?
Pay attention to the precautions of saline nasal spray:
1. Babies and children need adult help when using (nozzle need not extend into children's nostrils).

Infants 2 months or less should be used according to the doctor's prescription.

3. Physiological seawater nasal spray does not contain preservatives, antibiotics and hormones.

Finally, remind the contraindications of using saline nasal spray. 1. A person with a severe nose injury. 2. Patients with severe abnormal sodium chloride metabolism and allergies should pay special attention to their use to avoid unnecessary trouble.