What must be paid attention to when choosing medicinal plastic bottles?


Compared with other plastic packaging products, the spe […]

Compared with other plastic packaging products, the special packaging of medicines is particularly important for medical plastic bottles. Pharmaceutical plastic bottles also have certain entry barriers. A company operating legally must obtain a certificate of registration for pharmaceutical packaging materials.

Screw cap bottle
Medical plastic bottles mainly include: health care bottles, effervescent tablets bottles, reagent bottles, oral liquid bottles and moisture-proof bottles. Which standards must the diversity of drug packaging types meet? Any Medical Grade Bottle must first meet the requirements of non-toxicity and no peculiar smell. Due to the wide variety of main raw materials available, it is necessary to select the comprehensive properties of the raw materials. Generally, high-density polyethylene and polypropylene bottles are used for tablets. If you need transparency, you can choose a polyester bottle (PET bottle). If you need higher barrier performance, light-blocking, and opaque, you can choose a brown PET bottle. For liquid formulations, polypropylene bottles or polyester bottles are generally used as the main raw materials. At present, domestic effervescent tablets and packaging bottles that require moisture-proof products are mainly made of PE or HPDE, and the caps are made of PP.


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Since the production of medical plastic bottles is mainly used for the packaging of pharmaceutical products, the country has strict regulations on the material and parameters of each type of medical bottle. At present, in the market, some small workshops and sales staff, without the certificate of medicine packaging materials, are lucky enough to produce and sell medicinal bottles. Such production of plastic bottles without relevant licenses often fails to meet relevant requirements. Once an accident occurs in the packaging, the consequences will be very serious.