Why a Medical Sprayer Can Be Useful?


There are many types of nasal sprays, including the ove […]

There are many types of nasal sprays, including the over the counter nasal sprayer and the prescription nasal sprayer. The difference between these two types is simply that a medical sprayer is used to alleviate a cold or flu while an over the counter one is used for spraying weeds and such around your yard. A medical type sprayer is needed because the saline solution in the medical sprayer dilates the nasal passages so that mucus can flow freely. When this happens, it eliminates the dryness in your nose and allows you to breathe more easily. A nasal sprayer can be used while exercising, sleeping, reading, or even drinking and smoking.

Over the counter nasal sprayers also have the same effect as the nasal sprayer medicine but they do not dilute the medicine. They also don't do the trick as well in dealing with colds or the flu. Using an over the counter medicine will do nothing for a runny nose, stuffy nose, and other sinus problems you may experience. Nasal powder will work well for most people, but there are those who have problems with allergies, especially if the powder isn't room temperature.


To use an over the counter nasal sprayer while exercising is as easy as just pushing the button as soon as you feel an onset of congestion. Using the medicine to treat colds or the flu is a matter of personal preference. Many people feel much better using a cold sprayer while others feel much better treating the common cold with an oral sprayer.

Using an oral sprayer while taking medicine is very similar to the way you use a nasal sprayer when taking your medicine. The only difference is that you are applying the medicine to your lips rather than your nose. You simply wet your lips, place your tongue on top of the medicine, and push down on the mouthpiece. If the device is heated, you can also use it like a dosing bottle to take the medicine while you are driving.

When you are sick using a nasal or cold medication is usually the best choice. This makes sense because people don't generally become sick from the common colds or the flu unless they are travelling to a very foreign country. A cold can easily turn into a severe case of the flu in a very short period of time, so choosing a good quality over the counter medicine is always the best choice. If you choose to use a medical sprayer while you are sick then it is highly likely that you will have some minor side effects such as a runny nose and a stuffy nose, but these should be pretty rare.

The only other time I can think of that would be a problem would be if you are allergic to one of the chemicals in the medicine. In this case the best thing to do would be to take the cold to your local pharmacy and find an alternative or at least a different brand of medicine. In the unlikely event that you do get ill while using a nasal or cold medicine then you should contact your doctor or health care professional for advice. Using a medical sprayer is easy to do and can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Just remember to always follow the instructions that come with your device and you should be fine.